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RDT was established in order to provide firearms training for civilians and law enforcement from instructors with decades of experience in both law enforcement and the military. The individual and combined training and experience of the instructors ensures class attendees will improve their shooting knowledge and ability. Whether you want to improve your shooting and tactical skills for personal and home protection, sport, or as an important part of your professional development, Ron Dodge Tactical is here to help!
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Upgrade your skills with the help of our shooting course program developed by military and law enforcement trainers.

Classes We Offer

The classes we provide are designed to truly improve and advance an attendees shooting knowledge and competency in a variety of settings and situations.
The classes we provide are designed to truly improve and advance an attendees shooting knowledge and competency in a variety of settings and situations.


Our Ohio CCW Class takes students beyond the stated requirements set forth by the Ohio Attorney General.

CCW Tactics

This course is designed to expose shooters to skill sets needed in order to be a better concealed handgun carrying citizen.

Combat Shotgun

This course covers firearms safety, administrative procedure, operational procedure and tactical shooting skills.

Intro to Precision Rifle

This course is designed to educate shooters on the basics of precision rifle shooting.
This course is a compilation of standards and competition drills used throughout my 10 plus years of training shooters.

Pistol Diagnostics
Modular Training

Pistol Diagnostics will teach students how to self-diagnose shooting errors from several vantage points.

Red Dot Sight
Equipped Pistol

This course is for anyone looking for additional training with their red dot sight equipped pistol whether it’s for the range, competition or self-defense.

Rifle Diagnostics
Modular Training

This course encompasses 3 modules. Each module is programmed to maximize skill-building and conserve time and ammunition.

Shoot House

Students will be instructed on individual movement and clearing techniques that may be employed for a home defense situation or a tactical retreat from a building under attack.

Dynamic Vehicle Tactics

This course will provide the CCW permit holder with the means to survive a potentially deadly encounter in and around vehicles.

Night Vision Training

In affiliation with Strategic Dark, this course aims to educate participants on the safety enhancements provided by NV technology.

Meet Our Staff

Meet the people who are involved in making the firearms training safer and more effective. We work with expert trainers only and guarantee a comfortable practice environment.

Ron Dodge

Owner, Instructor, Director of Training

As part of the SWAT team, Ron is a Sniper Team Member and Firearms Instructor.

Ron Susalla

Owner, Instructor, Director of Operations

Ron is a retired Marine who served 20 years in the Marine Corps, five years of which he was assigned to Special Operations Training Group.

Eric Schubert


Eric is a police officer in Ohio, as well as a Defensive Tactics Instructor and a Contract Firearms Instructor with the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy.

Ben Lang


Ben has been an Ohio Police Officer for the past 17 years and is currently a department firearms, tactical, search and defensive tactics instructor.

Tristion Goerhing


Tristion is currently a police officer in Northeast Ohio and a graduate from the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy.

Scott Landry


Scott maintains multiple firearms certifications in rifle, shotgun and pistol and is currently a NRA Certified Instructor.