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Co-owners, Ron Dodge and Scott Landry, have developed and provide beginner, intermediate and advanced firearms training courses to civilians, law enforcement and military personnel. RDT provides onsite, in-person courses, both classroom and hands-on training. Class sizes vary depending on the type of class being taught.


is to provide firearms training for civilians and law enforcement from instructors with decades of experience in both law enforcement and the military.


is to be known as the premier tactical training company in Ohio and beyond, to both civilians and law enforcement.

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Upgrade your skills with the help of our shooting course program developed by military and law enforcement trainers.

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Their individual and combined training and experience ensures class attendees will improve their shooting knowledge and ability, whether you want to improve your shooting and tactical ability for personal and home protection, sport, or as an important part of your professional development.

Ron Dodge (1)

Ron Dodge

Owner, Instructor, Director of Training

Ron Dodge has been a police officer since 2002 and has been a member of his department’s SWAT team since 2006. His roles on SWAT include Sniper Team Leader, Entry Team Member and Firearms Instructor. Prior to his service on the police force, Ron was an Army Ranger with 2nd Ranger Battalion where he was a sniper for three of those years. He is an Adjunct Instructor for OPOTA (Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy), and an O.T.O.A (Ohio Tactical Officers Association) Instructor.

Scott Landry

Owner, Instructor, Director of Operations

Scott Landry is a current member of the Ohio Tactical Officers Association (OTOA) and maintains multiple certifications in Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun. Scott is currently a NRA Certified Instructor as well as being a Lifetime NRA Member. Scott also holds a Bachelors in Industrial Management from the University of Akron, Class of 1990.

Scott (3) Landry

Ron Susalla


Ron is a retired Marine who served 20 years in the Marine Corps, five years of which he was assigned to Special Operations Training Group. He completed multiple training courses and certifications while serving; including the Army’s Airborn School, Close Quarters Assault Breacher’s, BSR’s Antiterrorism Evasive Driving and Surveillance Detection, Vogel Dynamics World Class Pistol Skills, and Jerry Barnhart’s Shooting Technology Course including the Instructor Level. He was a Range Coach, a Block NCO, a Tower NCO, a Close Quarters Battle Instructor, Trained FBI Swat Team Tactics and Marksmanship, and was a Certified Marksmanship Instructor. He competes in USPSA and is a current IDPA and NRA member.

Eric Schubert


Eric Schubert is a police officer in Ohio. Currently he is a Defensive Tactics Instructor and a Contract Firearms Instructor with the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy. He earned a Bachelors of Science in Education and held previous positions in Firearms and Accessory Sales.

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Ben Lang


Ben has been an Ohio Police Officer for the past 17 years and is currently a department firearms, tactical, search and defensive tactics instructor. He is a SWAT Entry Team Leader, where he serves as a team firearms and shoot-house instructor. He served in the Army as a CID Special Agent where he was responsible for performing protective service operations and conducting investigations in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Tristion Goerhing


Tristion is currently a police officer in Northeast Ohio and a graduate from the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy. In addition, Tristion has undergone extensive firearms training over the past four years, including training focused on instructor development.

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