Combat Shotgun

Ron Dodge Tactical's Combat Shotgun Course

About this Course

Instruction covers firearms safety, administrative procedure, operational procedure and tactical shooting skills. Students will learn techniques commonly used in urban and rural environments. They will learn fundamental principles that will increase students’ speed, accuracy and confidence with the shotgun. Additional topics include: characteristics and accessories, line level maintenance, ready positions, deployment, shooting positions, firing techniques, shooting on the move, barricades, and transition drills.

Equipment You need to Bring

This is a tactical shotgun course. Students should be equipped with a quality pump or semiautomatic shotgun, chambered in 12 or 20 gauge, designed for this type of shooting. While extended magazine tubes are not required, firearms should be capable of being loaded with a minimum of 4 rounds.

A shotgun with a sling

A pistol with (3) magazines

Holster and Magazine Pouches

(20) slug rounds

(250) birdshot rounds

(50) rounds of pistol ammunition

(20) rounds of buckshot

It is strongly recommended to bring Reduced Recoil shotgun ammunition. A sling is a highly recommended piece of equipment. Students will be given instruction on the proper mounting of the sling to the shotgun. Birdshot is included in the ammunition listing to reduce the ammo cost for students as well as the typical side effects of the higher recoiling “00” Buckshot. Students may bring all buckshot if they so choose.

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