Rifle Diagnostics - Modular Training

Ron Dodge Tactical's Rifle Diagnostics - Modular Training

About this Course

Rifle Diagnostics is a new course we are rolling out for 2021. With the demand for more carbine courses, Rifle Diagnostics will serve the same purpose as our very popular Pistol Diagnostics modules. Rifle Diagnostics will encompass three separate modules. Content for each module will be programmed to maximize skill building, conserve time and ammunition.

Modules break down as follows:

Mod. 1: Stabilization
Mod. 2: Recoil Management
Mod. 3: Major Gun Handling Skills

Modules and skill pairing does not translate one for one between rifle and pistol. Don’t be lured into a cookie cutter program based on untested dogma.

Equipment You need to Bring

Ar15 style rifle

2-3 magazines

Rifle sling

Minimum of 600 rounds

Eye and ear protection

Carbine must have a sighting system. Iron Sights, Red dot or LPVO are all acceptable. I know this may seem obvious to some but we’ve been at this awhile and have seen a thing or two. Do not let this intimidate you. If you are brand new to the AR platform form contact us. We can set up a familiarization and zero course for you and your crew.
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