Ron Dodge Tactical's Mayhem Course

About this Course

The Day of Mayhem has arrived. This course is a compilation of standards and competition drills used throughout my 10 plus years of training shooters. Many of these drills were never run in classes due to time and the emphasis on skill building. Today is the day to put up or shut up. Shooters wishing to attend should possess superior firearm safe-handling skills. The day will involve both pistol and rifle tests. See equipment list for suggested packing list. Spots are limited to 12. This course is physically demanding and will involve some running and agility work.

Equipment You need to Bring

Standard eye and ear protection

Hat suggested

Proper attire for weather

Pistol with secure holster and 3 mags with mag pouches

Carbine with sling and 3 mags, mag pouches

Ammo: 200 rounds pistol, 200 rounds rifle.

Bring snacks and water…lots of water!!

Still not sure?

Take a look at some of the fun in our
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