Practical EDC

Ron Dodge Tactical's Practical EDC

About this Course

Whether you have your Concealed Handgun License (CHL) or Constitutional Carry, the Practical EDC (Every Day Carry) Course is designed to introduce students to the skill set needed to be a Confident and Effective handgun carrying citizen. Students will learn various techniques for drawing from concealment, drawing and engaging from positions of disadvantage, gear manipulation, low cost training methods and training plan development.

Equipment You need to Bring

300 Rounds - Pistol

Minimum of 2 magazines

Magazine Pouches

Hat (recommended)

Cover Garment

Quality Holster

Holster can be kydex or leather but should not close after drawing if inside the waist band style. Please no purse, fanny packs, back pack or shoulder holster styles. Students will learn proper elements to the draw that can be applied to these items.

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