Dynamic Vehicle Tactics

Ron Dodge Tactical - Dynamic Vehicle Tactics

About this Course

This course will provide the CCW permit holder with the means to survive a potentially deadly encounter in and around vehicles. The student will be placed in various positions in and around a vehicle and will be asked to make decisions in a stressful environment. Students will receive training in Close Quarters Battle Engagements and will be required to use critical thinking skills throughout the course. This course will require extended hours. Students need to have at the minimum, an intermediate skill level with their pistol. This class will have many moving parts and will require students to manipulate their firearms in positions they may not be familiar with. Firearm safety rules will be strictly adhered to.


Successful completion of Pistol Diagnostics courses or CCW Tactics courses will be required. Outside courses may also be accepted for equivalency with proper documentation.

Equipment You need to Bring

300 Rounds - Pistol

Minimum of 2 magazines

Magazine Pouches

Hat (recommended)

Cover Garment

Quality Holster

Gloves and a long sleeved shirt

Holster can be kydex or leather but should not close after drawing if inside the waist band style. Please no purse, fanny packs, back pack or shoulder holster styles. Students will learn proper elements to the draw that can be applied to these items.
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