Intro to Precision Rifle

Ron Dodge Tactical's Intro to Precision Rifle Course

About this Course

This course is designed to educate shooters on the basics of precision rifle shooting. Shooters will leave with basic skills and knowledge to set up and employ precision rifle systems for a variety of sports. Topics to be covered include: rifle zeroing and fitting, marksmanship fundamentals, proper gear / equipment, log books, care and maintenance, shooting position set up, optic sight adjustments, firing techniques and, the use of ballistic calculators. The course is divided into four modules and students should arrange to attend all four. The first module will be classroom instruction. The remaining three will be live fire ranges.

Equipment You need to Bring

Precision rifle capable of a minimum accuracy standard of sub 1 moa (under a one inch group at 100 yards)

Magazine or ammo carrier

Range appropriate clothing -brimmed hat

Eye and ear protection

350 rounds of match grade rifle ammunition (this ammo is for use in all 3 modules).

Note: This class can be physically demanding at times, and students will be exposed to environment extremes. Proper Range attire is a must.
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